About QC Consigns

In 2021 the global market value of second hand and resale apparel was estimated to be worth $96 billion U.S. dollars. We are revolutionizing it one consignment at a time. How you say are we doing it?  Well, let us explain.

We started out small.  Cleaning out our own closets to make room for a family that was downsizing in every way.  Kids going off to college and there was no longer a need for the 4200 sq ft home and all the stuff that went in it.  We down sized to a 2800 sq ft condo in Florida but we still had 4200 sq ft worth of stuff.  Every closest and storage area was jammed packed.  Shortly realizing we had items that were never used or gently used that others could make better use of.  

That’s when we came up with the slogan “One person’s collectibles is another person’s treasure”.  That is when our concept of consigning everything in the home, not just luxury handbags, but everything went from being vision to becoming a reality.  In 2012 Our consignment concept (From Soup to Nuts Consignment) was born. Two years later we realized that, so many other families needed a company like ours.  One that would help them discover the value of the items they had in their homes, from small kitchen appliances to family heirlooms, luxury clothing and handbags to high-end jewelry and electronics.   

Four years later QC Consigns evolved as our business model changed.  We didn’t want to just speak to the high end luxary shopper, but we also wanted to speak to the middle-income individual who wants a great preloved product at a great value, and this is how QC Consigns got its tag line “Where Quality and Value Come together, or as we like to say where Quality and Customer Service meet.  Because we believe even the secondhand shopper should feel like they are buying firsthand quality product at a price they can afford, while getting customer service that makes them feel like they are our only customer. 

Our goal is to make our customers never feel like they are shopping consignment.  When their flipping through the slides of our site they should feel like they are shopping with their favorite high-end retailer.  When they receive their order from QC Consigns and open their box we want their experience to be just as amazing as getting that same item from the original retailer.  When our consignment clients work with us to sell their items we want them to feel like they’re our only clients and not like a number. QC Consigns is the premier site for online quality and value consignment with a small staff who are dedicated to our sellers and buyers all around the world.  


We celebrate artists, designers and quality craftsmanship. We know the consignment consumer experience isn’t just about buying designer labels and high-end luxury items, but also about finding an item that fits a need, is in excellent condition, and at a great price.  While Giving extra Cash to the consignment client who has the need to streamline, clean out and purge to make room for new.   


We ensure that every item on QC Consigns is 100% the authentic.  We don’t need to put it in our name, because it shows in our product.  You can guarantee that if it comes from us it’s been professionally authenticated, and to show how certain we are about how real our products are.  We refund our buyers 1.5x the amount for anything they’ve proven in not real.  Thanks to our dedicated 3rd party partners of authentication experts, horologists and gemologists. We know exactly how to tell real from counterfeit.


We’re doing our part to bless someone else as we’ve been blessed by each buyer and seller.  With every purchase sold through our eBay store link, a percentage of the sale goes to St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital.  Our Children are our future and when they are not able, or their parents can’t… we should!  


We work hard, because we love what we do. We’re fully committed to our business, our customers and our consignors. We’re constantly evolving and innovating to bring you the ultimate Consignment experience.

Thank You For Shopping QC Consigns; Where Quality and Value Come Together!

Quovardis & Carlo Lawrence