Buyer FAQ:

Can I offer a lower bid for an item?

Yes! You can make a lower than listed price offer on any of our items that are sold and purchased on Ebay only, QC Consigns online store hosted by Shopify, does not accept less than purchased priced offers.  If you would like to offer a less then listed price offer, please do so by contacting us through Ebay’s email process.  We will consider all serious offers.  Many factors are considered, and it is up to the discretion of QC Consigns to determine offer acceptance.  If your offer is accepted the listing will be adjusted.  You will recievie an email informing you of the change.  You will have a certain amount of time to purchase and pay for the item.  If item is not purchased within the allowed time given.  Listing will revert to original price and buyer will have to buy at the originally listed price.  QC Consigns is not liable for any other buyer purchasing item while it is listed at the requested and agreed upon lower price.

Which items are excluded from promotions and discounts?

Some of our most covetable items are not eligible for discounts based on current market value and demand. Items that do not qualify for discounts may have the phrase “Coupons and discounts are not available for this product” on their unique product pages. Only one promotional code can be used per order, and promotional discount codes cannot be combined with markdown items or items with less than listed price offers.

How do you authenticate each item?

Each product we accept is put through a multiple-point, brand-specific authentication process by a team of third-party experts headed by Authentication & Brand Compliance.


What are your condition standards?

We require consigned items to be clean and free of stains or smells, no breaks, cracks, and must be in operating order.  We inspect each item carefully and guarantee the quality of the item and its condition. All items are stored in a temperature controlled pet and smoke free environment.  Each accepted item is categorized as Pristine, Excellent, Very Good, or Good.

Clothing: Items show no signs of being worn and tags are attached.
Handbags, Shoes & Accessories: Items show no signs of being used/worn and tags are included.
Jewelry: Items show no signs of being worn, but do not require tags.
Home: Items show no signs of wear and come with a box and/or tags when and where applicable.

Clothing: Items are in perfect condition, but tags are not attached.
Handbags, Shoes & Accessories: Items are in perfect condition, but tags are not attached.
Jewelry: Items show only extremely superficial signs of wear, such as light surface scratches.  Tags are not available.
Home: Items show no signs of wear but do not come with a box and/or tags.

Very Good:
Clothing: Items may show lightening to fabric, or small stains and snags.
Handbags, Shoes & Accessories: Shoes may have light scuffing to soles and creasing. Handbags may have slightly worn corners, inside dirt and scuffing.
Jewelry: Items may have slight scratches at metal, but stones are still perfect.
Home: Items show minimal signs of wear such as surface scratches, lightening to fabric and minor discoloration or tarnishing.

Clothing: Items may show more prominent wear such as fading of fabric, noticeable stains and snags or discoloration inside and / or outside of the item.
Handbags, Shoes & Accessories: Shoes may have moderate scuffing at soles and visible creasing or wear to the leather. Handbags may have worn corners, tarnishing at hardware and creasing to leather, stain lining or dirt marks.
Jewelry: Items may have moderate scratches or tarnishing at any component.
Home: Items show moderate wear such as prominent scratching, fading to fabric and discoloration or tarnishing.

*Many of our items come with original tags, boxes, dust bags and authenticity cards. When these are available, they will be mentioned in the item description and/or be delivered with the item upon arrival.


Returns must be requested within 30 days on Ebay and 7 days of purchase or shipment date and items must be received within 10 days of return request. You will receive a prepaid shipping label which you can use.  Or you will be provided our return to address and you can pay for your own shipping label by your preferred Shipper.

Pre-worn items, Items returned not in the condition they were shipped, Intimates, swimwear, luggage, beauty, and any FINAL SALE items cannot be returned.

All items that cannot be returned can be consigned (excluding beauty). At the bottom of our home page click on Consign with us to learn more about consigning your items with QC Consigns.

To see our complete QC Consigns return policy, At the bottom of our how page click on Return and Shipping policies.  

Does QC Consigns have stores and locations to consign in person?

No not at this time. We are always growing and looking for opportunities to proceed great customer service, and sell good quality items at a great value to many different customers and online shopping allows us to do that worldwide. 

What are your shipping and delivery options?

For information on our domestic and international shipping options, follow the instructions given to you when you make your purchase. 

How do I track my order?

We will send an email notification including tracking information when your package has shipped. You can view the status of your order, obtain tracking information in the My Purchases section under My Account.

Can I cancel my order?

We want to deliver your item as soon as possible, so we process orders in real time during business hours. This means we are unable to cancel orders once they have entered the shipping process. This usually occurs within 30 minutes during business hours. To find out if your order is eligible for cancellation, please contact customer service through Ebay email ( if your item was purchased on Ebay), or QC Consigns customer service direct email at catchall@qcconsigns.com ( if your item was purchased directly on our website.

Can I buy a Gift Card?

No not at this time.

Do you have a mobile app?

No Not at this time, but as we continue to grow our store and find new ways to accommodate the shopper’s request.  We will continue to look into opportunities allowing to remain competitive in the on line Consignment industry.


What is QC Consigns commission structure?

It’s simple….. We don’t have a structure or a tier system like some of our other online competitors.  You receive 70%, 60% or 50% of the resale price.  Depending upon when your consignment contract was generated.  When your listed item sells,  you will received your net proceeds of what the item resold for.  It’s just that simple.  We don’t believe you should have to pay twice for an item you purchased once before.  

How does the consignment process work?

There are two easy ways to consign with us.

  1. Schedule An In-Home Pickup through our white glove concierges service.

If you have 10 or more items, you may be eligible for our free Concierges pickup service. We presently only offer this in Salt Lake City and Park City Utah.

  1. Direct Shipping

If you have fewer than 10 items or if our Concierges service is unavailable in your area, you can ship your items to us. To start your consignment and get instructions on how ot send your items to us, email us at: Consign@qcconsigns.com

Which designers do you accept, or products can I consign with QC Consigns?

We accept All Designer labels from High End Luxary labels to moderately price designer labels.  We will contract items for consignment for almost any product area; Appareal, Electronics, Jewelry, Small Household applicances, Vintage Collectibles, Art, Furniture (upon approval), Toys, Precious stones and everything in between.  Our Moto is, “if you Purchased it once, there is someone else who will purchase  it again.”  Our consignment model is what separates us from our competitors.  


Where can I track my sales?

There are two ways you can find out if one or more of your items(s) sold.  

  1. On QC Consigns site just search for your item by name and if it has sold, it will have a Sold next to it. 
  2. Contact us directly, by emailing us at consign@qcconsigns.com

What are my commission payment method options?

Presently we only offer consignors 1 Net proceeds payment method. 

Mailed Checks: This is our default payment method; however, checks are less timely than other payment methods due to processing and shipping time.

Please make sure your correct mailing address is in our database.

When will I be paid?

QC Consigns processes payments on the week of the 25th th of every month for items sold from the 1st - 25th of the previous month. For example, payments processed on April 25th week would cover the selling period from March 1 - March 25th. If the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday, payments will be processed the Monday after the 25th or the following business day. Checks will be processed on the week of the 25th and can take 7-10 business days to arrive by USPS. Please make you’re your address is correct in our database by emailing us at : consign@qcconsigns.com 

What are your complete Consignor Terms?

To see our complete consignor terms, Please read your contract in its entirety before signing and or go to QC Consigns Policies at the bottom of the QC Consigns website home age. 

How are the prices set for my items?

We use a proprietary algorithm to set prices according to designer, item type, age, condition and current market demand. Because we earn more when you earn more, you can trust that we always price items at the highest resale value.  We will watch the market for your type of item and listing prices could change as a result to what is happening in the market for your item.  You will not be notified of this change unless the prices for the listed item is less than the resell range listed on your contract, as a result of a less than listed price offer.

Will promotional discounts affect the price of my items and my commission?

We run sales and promotions to encourage the sale of your items, and we account for this when pricing your items. The final selling price will always be within our stated price range in your contract.   We run promotions in the interest of selling your items, and they are an expense that we are responsible for.

The following items are protected from discounts for a the 1st 30 days of being listed under the contracts commission period:

  • All women’s and men’s handbags and accessories $2000+
  • Jewelry & Watches $2000+
  • Select items based on current market value and high demand


Will I be able to approve the price of my items before they are listed on the site?

Yes, the only time to approve the listing price “range” for your items is when you receive your QC Consigns’ Consignment Contract.  We will give you 15 days to read, agree with, and sign and send your consignment back to QC Consignment Home Office.  Once you’ve signed your contract.  QC Consigns assumes you are in agreement with our suggested listing range.  If you have questions regarding your item’s suggested price range, please contact via email at consign@qcconsigns.com