Official Announcement

We are pleased to announce that QC Consigns is now D.b.a. QC Consigns.  Under the corporate umbrellas The QC Group Ltd.   We’ve moved onto our own ecommerce platform and recreated the look and feel of our online presence., we are linking our store with   This name and image change is part of our deliberate strategy targeted to emphasize our vision for the quality product we’ve always delivered at a resell value that has been proven to rival many of our competitors.  With a commitment to our buying community and the trusted service we’ve been known to offer for over the past 12 years to our Consignment Clients.  

We have successfully operated our online consignment company on Ebay, Amazon, Poshmark, Tradesy, Mecari, I do now I don’t, Etsy , Depop and several other ecommerce platforms since the beginning. Our plans are to continue that success while selling on our own parent online site.  We’ve held business partnerships with successful brick and mortar retailers.  Selling our Consignment Client’s personally owned belongings while paying them out net proceeds up to 70% of the total resale value of the item. 

We’ve built long standing relationships with our consignment clients many who have been with us since the conception of our company.  We’ve gained the trust of our buyers many who are repeat customers.  A buying community that spans the globe.  Giving us the opportunity to quickly sell our consignment inventory quickly and at a value that is suitable for any budget.

The Rebranding of our on-line consignment company is now enabling us to fortify and strengthen our online presence, accomplish online growth objectives and aggressively foster and develop new client relationships throughout the domestic and international on-line markets; while continuing to acquire gently used, like new, or new items.

What this means for our existing consignment clients is that we will be able to sell their product at more competitive prices resulting in faster turn of their product, quick sales and faster pay-out of net proceeds.  What this will bean for our buyers is that we will be able to offer an even broader range of merchandise at a discounted price that spans to as much as up to 70% off the original retail.  Providing Credit and after pay plans that give buyers the ability to purchase those higher priced luxury items for low monthly payment plans that won’t break the budget.  

The mission for QC Consigns online consignment is to remain simple and unchanged, such that we will strive to deliver a service that will continue to help individuals and companies have a place to take their pre-loved personal items, overstocks, and shelf-pulls and sell them without the hassle of being involved beyond shipping or delivering their items to us, and if you’re in our local area of  Salt Lake City or Park City Utah one of our professional concierges will come in and help you figure out what would be best to sell and make a quick profit.

As we further emerge into this exciting phase of growth we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal consignment clients and buyers as well as the many individuals who have helped our vision of rebranding our online consignment company.  Without your ongoing support this exciting evolution of our online consignment company would not be possible, and QC Consigns looks forward to a mutually positive and productive future with you.